Solution platform for individual business processes

edoc automate

edoc automate is our standard software for quick and simple automation of repetitive individual workflows: Your workflow designer for a wide range of processes within the company.

  • Digitalize every individual process in the shortest possible time
  • Independent of your ERP system
  • Flexible operating mode – cloud, hybrid or on-premises
  • Reduction in errors and cost savings
  • Less work for the departments
  • Access via a central process portal

Everything that can be digitalized is possible with edoc automate, be it a specific complaints process or an offer approval process that is tailored exactly to your requirements. The main benefit for you is that edoc automate is so well equipped with all the important basics that it functions like a toolbox, from which your or our developers can pick and choose, no matter which ERP system they use.

This is how customized solutions are created in a minimum timeframe. With considerably less work for the development team. 

No matter how many customized processes you implement with edoc automate, the software behind them and the look and feel of operation are always the same and fit seamlessly into all other process solutions implemented for your company with our services.

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Do you have any questions or initial thoughts about edoc automate? Within 15 minutes, we’ll have you convinced!

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How digitalization of your individual processes works with edoc automate

As a general rule, you purchase a license for each process that you want to individually digitalize with edoc automate. We then hold a short prototyping workshop with you, and we develop our solution approach together. Thanks to edoc automate, the process may be available in as little as three days’ time, depending on its complexity.

Simple creation of screens with the form designer

One of the basic functions of edoc automate is a form designer, which can generate separate screens within your individual workflows – as well as independently of processes – that show, for example, information about the customer or the order, such as budget or contact data, directly from the ERP system. Just get in touch! 

Do you have your own developers within your company? 

If so, we can offer you edoc automate with an unlimited license, enabling you to digitalize any number of different processes yourself in-house and with no time constraints. Put together forms with a few clicks, fill them with actions such as “Start workflow”, “Send e-mail” or “Master data from database” and simplify your daily work processes. We will be happy to advise you on the options!

We digitalized several workflows ourselves in no time at all using edoc automate. These include processing investment requests and offer approvals, for example. A good job well done.

Andreas Feldberg, Vice President & CFO, Tsubaki Kabelschlepp GmbH