Digital signature

Are you still printing documents or are you already using digital signatures?

Benjamin Rössel
Technical Software Engineer

Printing, signing then scanning your documents is a thing of the past. The digital signature is the future!

  • History of changes
  • Digital archiving
  • No media inconsistencies
  • Can be used on the go
  • Automatic duplicate mailing
  • High security through identification

Mobile working and the use of workations make it more important than ever that all documents can be accessed from anywhere at any time. However, being able to access the documents isn’t enough. In order to process these documents, your employees must have a legal capacity to act. The solution is the digital signature, with which documents can be legally signed from anywhere and at any time using a mobile device.

Super easy and quick to integrate into your existing system.

Digitization is fun with edoc! As complete integration experts, we keep your employees on side, train them, help them overcome any fears and ensure the necessary acceptance of the new digital solution.

Drei Mitarbeiter:innen der edoc Solutions AG stehen an einer Kaffeetheke und unterhalten sich über Arbeitsprozesse und Lösungen.

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See how a digital signature can be integrated into your company! Simple and quick – all we need to do is activate a d.velop sign account!

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Functions that will blow your mind

Digitale Unterschrift mit edoc | Dokumente hochladen
Digitale Unterschrift mit edoc | Signaturlevel
Digitale Unterschrift mit edoc | Trustcenter
Digitale Unterschrift mit edoc | Signatur

Upload all documents to be signed to d.velop sign. You can import XML and PDF files.

In the uploaded document, the signature level for the signature can be selected via a button.

Security first: The digital signatures are stored on centrally secured servers by the trust center. The Federal Network Agency checks trust service providers and awards the EU seal of trust if they comply with eIDAS. In order to comply, they require a high level of data security and protection of the data centers.

Sign the document yourself and/or start circulating the document for signatures so that several people can sign the document. It’s as simple as that!

The software behind it all: d.velop sign

The digital signature can be easily applied using a cloud-based solution that is completely intuitive to use. No previous knowledge or technical skills are required. All you need to understand is the different signature levels. 

Technical specifications of d.velop sign

We’re all about analyzing and rethinking process flows, generating ideas, developing, implementing and perfecting the optimum solution – all while keeping a keen eye on your process.

No more chaotic contracts

Contract management is a business-critical process in which, in addition to some challenges, there is also considerable potential for optimization. Employees from almost all departments have to deal with contracts at some point. The ideal solution: a digital contract management system for managing contract deadlines, for example. 

Manage contract deadlines with edoc

Zwei Mitarbeitende von edoc unterhalten sich über digitale Eingangsrechnungsverabeitung