Digital document management (DMS)

Filing is a thing of the past. Today we have central access to all information.

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Project Manager Microsoft

Find what you are looking for. Archive what you need to keep. Know exactly what is going on.

  • A central location for your documents
  • Fulfillment of applicable compliance requirements
  • Automatic versioning and audit-proof archiving
  • Access from anywhere with any device
  • Targeted information distribution with authorization system
  • Significant reduction in paper and printing costs

By setting up a document management system (DMS), you lay the foundation for the digitization of your company. Create the basis for more flexibility and productivity. Optimize mobile working and ensure audit-proof archiving that satisfies all compliance requirements.

All with just one edoc solution.


All dossiers managed centrally

Thanks to the seamless integration of d.velop documents into your existing ERP system, you can search for and edit all documents in your DMS in real time. Data and documents from a wide variety of channels are archived centrally in a structured manner. With flexible access directly from your ERP system, in Microsoft Teams or in an e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook. The solution is fully integrated into your workflow and into your existing business application. And the use of a web-based solution means that it can be accessed with all devices and from anywhere – whether you are in the office, at home or in a cafe.

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Document management: Your core business uses different modes of operation

The easiest and most convenient way to introduce d.velop documents can be via the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS). All you usually need is a computer with Internet access and a modern browser. There is no need for costly up-front investments in hardware or complex installations.

In contrast to the cloud, d.velop documents on-premises is designed for local storage and provision of data and infrastructure. This means that a document server is integrated into your company's existing IT infrastructure and communicates with the end devices of the users.

Hybrid operation means that part of the software is operated locally and this local part can be subsequently expanded and improved with cloud services. Ideally, users would not even be aware whether they were using a cloud service or using software that is not in the cloud. 

We’re all about analyzing and rethinking process flows, generating ideas, developing, implementing and perfecting the optimum solution – all while keeping a keen eye on your process.

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Create a digital home for your documents

The customizable user interface makes d.velop documents clear and easy to use for you and your employees. When filing new documents, dossiers can be created automatically if required. This also makes it much easier to access linked data.

d.velop documents - d.3one

The software behind it all: d.velop documents

There is nothing stopping you. With d.velop documents, handling digital documents  couldn’t be easier. By storing your documents in a legally secure and audit-proof manner, you create the basis for secure and compliant document management – either in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid. And it is compatible with every ERP system, including yours.

Technical specifications of d.velop documents


Digital workflows and automated document management are two essential building blocks of our digitization strategy. With the ECM from edoc, we have the opportunity to network our locations more closely and make our processes more efficient.

Tobias Müller, Country Manager / Senior Management, Glenair GmbH

Transform your workplace into a digital workplace


Every digitization strategy needs a modern digital workplace at its core. This ensures smooth cooperation between teams and lays the foundation for efficient and secure mobile working. Equip yourself for the future and make yourself attractive for employees!

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