Digital order confirmation

Process order confirmations efficiently

Laura Hoßdorf
Quality Assurance Engineer

You and your company are optimally equipped for the constantly changing requirements of the digital world. We guide you toward a fast, secure and efficient process.

By reducing the risk of errors, speeding up the process, creating more transparency and saving costs, digital order confirmation is an easy way to streamline your business operations.

So why not invest in a software solution for digital order confirmation today?


Key features for you to enjoy:

  • Automated processing of incoming order confirmations
  • Automatic comparison of order confirmation and order
  • Workflow-supported checking and approval process
  • Complete control over all processes at all times
  • Less need for manual checking of order confirmations against orders
  • Increased process speed and continuous transparency

The ECM system plays a strategic role in making business processes efficient and transparent. The biggest challenge is the integration into existing systems and processes. However, edoc had the required expertise to support us in managing this complex task.

Thomas Müller, Head of IT and Organization, Hauraton GmbH & Co. KG

A significant impact on the entire company

75% reduction in costs

because the digital processing of an order confirmation costs only EUR 1.01 on average. In comparison, manual processing costs EUR 3.74.

25% of the working time

of qualified employees can be saved by automating routine tasks. That equates to one day a week.

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The software for SAP

Make sure your orders are fulfilled correctly – the right quantity must be delivered to the right place on the right date and for the right price. If your supplier confirms dates that differ from your order, you need to be able to respond quickly. The xSuite solution enables you to do this by automating most of the order confirmation processing workflow.

Technical specifications

There are great challenges ahead. But we will be by your side as an experienced partner. Our dedicated and knowledgeable consultants will personally advise you on the best solution, support you throughout the process and train your employees. Our aim is to produce an impressive result and have fun along the way!

Factoring some fun into invoicing


With the edoc standard solution for digitized incoming invoice processing, you cover the entire process from receipt of the invoice from different input sources to transfer to your financial accounting system for posting. 

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Vier edoc Solutions AG Mitarbeiter:innen reden am Besprechungstisch über ECM für digitale Eingangsrechnungsverarbeitung