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What is purchase-to-pay?

Purchase-to-pay (P2P) or procure-to-pay is an internal business process that covers all procedures from procurement to payment of invoices. It is the entire procurement process from purchasing goods and services to payment and order tracking. However, P2P is not a single process, but consists of various individual processes that take place in different areas or departments of a company. These individual process steps are bundled and combined in purchase-to-pay software to create a fully interconnected procurement process. The aim of an integrated digital purchase-to-pay process is to manage procurement and payment activities efficiently and ensure the smooth exchange of data between departments. In addition, the aim is to minimize costs and potential errors that arise during manual processing.  

Generate noticeable added value by digitizing the P2P process


60–80% reduction in costs

compared to paper-based processes. You can save EUR 11.20 per invoice!

3x faster

than a manual process. On average, digital processing takes only 2 minutes!

103,893 A4 sheets per year

can be saved in a 30-strong company with digital processes!

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State-of-the-art standard P2P solutions

Digitized procurement process with full transparency

In the future, your P2P process can start automatically on receipt of the procurement request. The requester can enter the procurement request using a current web interface and forward it for review and approval. From there, the procurement request can go directly to purchasing via the ERP system to place an order. Thanks to the digital edoc solution, you have a transparent overview of the entire procurement process and know at all times where and what the status of each individual procurement request is. And each request or the associated workflow log can be easily assigned to the ERP order, the delivery note and/or the subsequent incoming invoices, which are automatically processed using the edoc invoice.

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Fully automated order confirmation from any source

Our flexible input solutions help you to record all incoming order confirmations regardless of form and format and to transfer them to the next automated process. Your data and the digital document will be made available for viewing. This saves the user a huge amount of manual typing and, at the same time, greatly reduces the number of errors. This results in satisfied users who can concentrate on their core tasks and significantly improved process performance!

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Vastly accelerated incoming invoice processing

Based on your ERP or financial accounting system, edoc offers ready-made software solutions that take over all the main tasks of the invoicing workflow. Entire work steps that are currently manual and prone to errors can be automated, thereby simplifying and accelerating the entire process. All incoming invoices, whether they arrive by post, e-mail, in ZUGFeRD format, as an XRechnung or via an invoice portal, are automatically and reliably recognized by high-performance document readers (OCR) and transferred to a digital process for further processing. This allows your accounting department to focus fully on the technical validation of the recognized data before forwarding the e-invoice to the verification and approval workflow. Sophisticated user interfaces ensure ease of use and deliver the right information to the right place at the right time. This saves time, creates transparency and speeds up your business-critical processes many times over!

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One of the main advantages of edoc solutions for your P2P processes is their great flexibility. This leaves you free to pursue your chosen strategy with different ECM systems. We recommend cloud installations with d.velop documents or Microsoft 365. However, solutions can be equally stable and powerful in hybrid use or on-premises and with any other system.

Make your purchase-to-pay strategy a digital success

Would you like to digitize your analogue processes or have you already digitized individual processes and are now planning to combine the individual processes into a fully integrated purchase-to-pay process? As a first step, you should analyse your existing P2P processes to determine which departments and employees are involved and which problems regularly occur. Conduct a thorough review of both your existing procurement process and your accounting processes and identify inefficient processes. In which areas is the workload particularly heavy and the workload the highest? Also analyze the communication between your company and your suppliers - from the order to the order confirmation as well as the internal inspection and approval processes.  

An in-depth analysis forms the basis for the successful digitalization of your purchase-to-pay process. Then decide on a software solution that fits your company's requirements and goals. Consider features such as automation, ease of use, integration with existing systems and compliance with industry standards. By implementing digital solutions, you can increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve process transparency and strengthen your company's competitiveness. 

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Digitalize your incoming invoices


The digitalization of your incoming invoices can be your first step towards the complete digitization of the P2P process throughout your company. We accompany you on your way to a future-proof overall solution from a single source. 

Digitalize the incoming invoice process

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