Digital contract management

Everything in view and everything to hand!

Marvin Beyer
Project Manager Microsoft 

Discover the easy way to digitize your contract management process now. Use the right combination of tactics to achieve intelligent results. And rely on one partner who can provide everything you need.

Digital contract management is not only about efficiency, transparency and compliance, but also about allowing you to focus on the value-adding activities. 

In today's fast-paced world, companies rely on digital contract management to streamline their operations and meet regulatory compliance requirements. The digital solution reminds you in good time about ongoing committments, so you no longer have to remember deadlines and appointments. Our contract management system will take care of this for you from now on.

Key features for you to enjoy: 

  • Find contracts instantly
  • Never miss a deadline again
  • Simple and intuitive operation as well as straightforward management of contracts
  • Deadline management with automatic resubmission function
  • Overview thanks to automated reminder function

There are great challenges ahead. But we will be by your side as an experienced partner. Our dedicated and knowledgeable consultants will personally advise you on the best solution, support you throughout the process and train your employees. Our aim is to produce an impressive result and have fun along the way!

Are you still not managing your contracts digitally? What are you waiting for?



of contracts cannot be found after filing.



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EUR 5,900

is the cost of concluding a contract.

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Functions that will blow your mind

Vertragsmanagement mit edoc | Aktenstruktur
Vertragsmanagement mit edoc | Reminderfunktion in Outlook
Vertragsmanagement mit edoc | Barcode und Deckblatt

In d.velop documents, you can manage, archive and store the most diverse types of documents in an audit-proof manner. The data is structured by creating dossiers and assigning corresponding documents. 

Everything is under control: The "reminder function" keeps you informed in good time when a task, a renewal or the termination of the contract is due.

Automatic versioning takes place using the barcode and cover sheet as soon as a contract is scanned. Colleagues (in the mailroom, administration, etc.) can also scan documents. Your document management system then automatically recognizes the contract and assigns it appropriately. 

The software behind it all: edoc contract

Our digital contract management is based on the standard software edoc contract. It draws on experience from a large number of successful workflow projects in the field of contract management. Running in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid. 

Technical specifications for edoc contract

Digitization is fun with edoc! As complete integration experts, we keep your employees on side, train them, help them overcome any fears and ensure the necessary acceptance of the new digital solution.

The perfect addition to digital contract management: the digital signature


Do you still print out your documents, sign them and then scan them in again? Without a digital signature, processes will always be cumbersome, unsustainable and a major obstacle on your way toward becoming a paperless office! We make it easy for you to use an end-to-end, fully digital process – from creating a document to adding a legally valid signature – including archiving in a single system.

Digital signature with edoc

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