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Benjamin Rössel
Technical Software Engineer

Taking intelligent actions now enhances efficiency in the years to come. Become a paperless office with digitized business processes from edoc!

Digital solutions from edoc give your document-based processes the efficiency and versatility to thrive in the 21st century. Ensuring significantly reduced throughput times, noticeably lower costs and full transparency. These solutions can be integrated directly into any IT infrastructure or existing ERP environment so that all users can continue working with the environment they know best. It couldn’t be simpler.

edoc automate: simple digitization for your individual processes

Every company has processes that deviate from the standard. Either because they are subject to company-specific requirements or because they relate to individual internal workflows. edoc automate was designed to offer a wide range of options. The software can be used as a toolbox to implement your individual workflow management concepts quickly and straightforwardly. Let yourself be inspired! 

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ECM-Spezialist von edoc prüft Server

By bringing edoc on board, you could have an expert overseeing your processes for the foreseeable future. It doesn't matter where your digitization strategy is headed, our software can lead you there. And the application always stays the same.

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Create a strong foundation with the edoc 365 business process platform

The edoc 365 business process platform lays the foundation for any document-based business processes that you want to digitize in your company now and in the future. We support P2P processes from the receipt of the requisition note to posting in the system, with one major advantage: all new software applications can be easily implemented. The software and its operation always stay the same. What’s more, you are investing in a long-term stable system that adjusts to your needs. As our motto says: “Start small – think big.” Just get in touch! 

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We are once again grateful to have had help from the edoc team in developing part of our digital roadmap. By successfully automating purchasing processes and using AI in IT processes, we were able to benefit from state-of-the-art intelligence. From both a theoretical and practical point of view, edoc has expertise in both d.3ecm and Infor – and always keeps a close eye on any developments.

Peter Herzog, Project Manager of the Production Organization for the ESCHA Group

Compliance doesn’t have to be a headache! 

Digitization solutions from edoc meet all compliance guidelines such as GDPdU (principles for data access and the verifiability of digital documents), HGB, GoB, GoBS, GoBD, SOX and more. In addition, our solutions support regulatory data protection requirements such as the GDPR. Last but not least, they meet all the requirements for long-term, legally compliant and audit-proof storage of your business-critical documents and data.

Compliance? Check!

Digital co-working is much more than just a shared screen!


In the last few years, have you purchased quick-fix solutions in an attempt to introduce digital working? By providing the right digitization concept for the needs of the company as a whole, we can ensure that your employees have secure access from any location to all documents and archives. Just get in touch!

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