ECM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Integrated ECM solutions for your existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Simplify the complex audit-proof archiving process and the complete document and workflow management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP!

  • direct access from the ERP environment to documents and processes
  • for every existing ECM system
  • archiving of incoming and outgoing documents
  • document import using drag & drop
  • audit-proof archiving on the server
  • ability to search and find documents
  • mapping of file structures 
  • workflow for easy process optimization 
  • integration of scan scenarios

We develop solutions that add a variety of valuable ECM functions to your existing ERP system. And, at the same time, can be easily connected to any ECM system.

Fully developed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP — guaranteed edoc quality.


Direct access from Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP to d.velop documents

We seamlessly integrate d.velop documents as a document management system into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP. How does this benefit you? In the future, you will be able to access all receipts and documents from customers, business partners, projects, products and business transactions directly from your FO or BC environment at any time – without the need for additional individual interfaces. And your existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP system does not need to be modified.

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Incoming invoice processing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

For incoming invoice processing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, we offer a ready-made, standardized and freely configurable best-practice workflow that shows all the processing and verification steps in your ERP environment. This means that all users always have the right information in the right place at the right time. This workflow can be used for cost accounting as well as incoming invoices with an order reference. Sophisticated user interfaces ensure extremely easy handling and high acceptance among users. 

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Digital archiving in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Our Microsoft-certified interfaces between document management systems and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP systems ensure that you can store, archive and link more than 250,000 document imports per day directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP in a legally compliant manner. Quotations, order confirmations, delivery notes, incoming and outgoing invoices, technical drawings, letters from Word or e-mails — everything is automatically stored in the correct location. Document searches can be carried out directly in the ERP system or via the ERP client. Non-AX/NAV/FO/BC workstations also have centralized access to ERP documents and vice versa on a company-wide basis.

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In edoc we have found a partner who can provide both the ECM system and the integration into our ERP system, Dynamics NAV, from a single source and who can competently oversee the implementation.

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We can help you to digitalize, automate and optimize all document-based business processes along the entire P2P process chain. Here is an overview of all standard solutions. And for individual business processes, we also have edoc automate. 

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