edoc managed services for Enterprise Content Management

Work on-premises while floating on a cloud

Marvin Beyer
Project Manager Microsoft

At edoc, a full managed service doesn’t require migration to the cloud. Instead, we set you up with your own private cloud so that your ECM solutions as well as the implemented processes and archiving scenarios remain completely unchanged.

  • Standardized service levels
  • A dedicated team of specialists
  • Smooth, trouble-free operation of your ECM solution
  • Complete service based in Germany
  • Direct personal contacts
  • An experienced specialist as a friendly partner for your IT operations

For various different reasons, many of our customers operate their ECM systems on-premises, be it on their own hardware in the company or in data centers. If this also applies to you, we can support your administrators with managed services tailored to your requirements. Alternatively, our specialist team can perform the work of a dedicated IT department, delivering everything from the latest updates to a complete support service.

This is your answer to the skills shortage, while also allowing you to reduce your costs along with your workload. And it frees up valuable time for more important tasks.

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Choose from the following managed service packages:

Process control with service check
We monitor and test your ECM system as a preventive measure at freely definable intervals. We then provide you with a log detailing any potential need for action. This check comprises the current digital solution in its entirety, i.e. including all edoc and d.velop elements. We will then know your system inside out and will be able to act as your administrator whenever necessary – for example, when staff are on holiday or absent due to illness.

Application operation
Uninterrupted operation is your main concern. With this managed service model, we perform the role of an administrator and ensure the smooth operation of all applications.

Full managed service 
With this all-round worry-free package, we effectively provide you with your own private cloud. This comprises setup and operation as a complete service, including process control, application operation and full infrastructure support. We also assume responsibility for system availability, data security and data availability. You no longer require your own administrator since we will ensure that everything runs smoothly – for maximum transparency, predictability and cost-efficiency.

With our managed services for your application operation, you will gain your very own ECM experts. Friendly specialists will be at your side to offer support and relieve your workload. All the while, you retain maximum flexibility thanks to contract terms starting from 12 months. And your data will always be exactly where you want it.

We can help you make the move

Beyond the scope of our standardized service levels, we remain at your side with our long-standing experience and will help you to take the next steps in your digital transformation. This may involve moving your ECM system into a data center or to a cloud provider.

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We will show you how you can gradually complete the journey to a paperless office throughout your company and can provide complete standard solutions with optional customization. We thus lay the foundation for greater efficiency, transparency and dynamics in all your document-based business processes. And this applies to any existing ERP system.

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