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Digital co-working is much more than just a shared screen

Nicole Männig-Güney
Project Manager Dynamics

Mobile working is the future. Only those who offer perfectly functioning digital workplaces now can ensure the flexibility that the future demands and outperform the competition. Let us show you how it works.

  • Ability to work independently of location and time
  • Secure access to information and processes
  • Cross-departmental collaboration
  • Optimized processes and efficient operation
  • Acceleration of all company processes

Every digitization strategy needs a modern digital workplace at its core. This ensures productive collaboration within and between teams regardless of location. More flexible working options also create a strong base for future growth. We can provide advice and look at what is most important to your business. We then seamlessly integrate the resulting concept into your existing structures.

Give your team the freedom to work where and when they choose with a digital workspace. In turn, you will benefit from a more self-sufficient, less restricted and more efficient workforce.

We’re all about analyzing and rethinking process flows, generating ideas, developing, implementing and perfecting the optimum solution – all while keeping a keen eye on your process.

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The modern workplace redesigned

Improve communication & HR processes with the employee app
The d.velop employee app can be used to give your team access to relevant information, documents and intelligent HR self-service functions. For example, employees can automatically initiate requests for vacations or sick leave.

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What is not standard is made standard
The edoc range includes a wide range of standard solutions. For any other workflow, we will develop a suitable customized solution based on edoc automate – usually within 3 days. 

Solutions as unique as our customers: edoc automate

A large number of documents, templates and files were stored in our Windows folder system. This was not ideal. We wanted to make it better, more accessible, more secure and faster. Where we used to have to leaf through folders, we are now much faster thanks to edoc. We now have more time for higher quality work.

Conny Klemm, IT Administrator, Eimermacher Group

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Accelerate your business and gain efficiency and end-to-end transparency by automating your P2P processes, from procurement to payment.

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