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A paperless office is easier to achieve than you might think!

Bastian Klier
System Engineer Internal IT

Taking intelligent actions now enhances efficiency in the years to come. With digitized business processes from edoc for every existing ECM system

  • Complete flexibility – even on the move
  • Cost savings for material and storage
  • Secure central access to information and processes
  • Cross-departmental collaboration
  • Optimized processes and more efficient operation
  • Acceleration of all company processes
  • Increased sustainability

Leave the trees where they belong. By using digital technologies such as electronic signatures or managing digitized documents in digital archives, the use of paper in the company can be significantly reduced. The aim is to create a paperless office for the future. This not only saves resources, but also enormously increases efficiency and productivity in everyday work – while also reducing costs.

Here we show you which digital solutions from edoc can help you implement a paperless office step by step. The digital world is ready, but are you?

We’re all about analyzing and rethinking process flows, generating ideas, developing, implementing and perfecting the optimum solution – all while keeping a keen eye on your process.

Create a paperless office in just 4 steps!

1. The core component: digital document management 
Your documents need a home – and this shouldn’t be a filing cabinet. We make the documents available to you digitally, either in the cloud, on-premises or a hybrid of the two. Your documents are organized in such a way that you and your employees can find and access the exact information you need at any time and from any location. This is ensured by the integrated archiving option, which will keep your files firmly in line!

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2. Small solution, big impact: digital signature
Do you still print out your documents, sign them and then scan them in again? Without a digital signature, processes will always be cumbersome, unsustainable and a major obstacle on your way toward becoming a paperless office! We make it easy for you to use an end-to-end, fully digital process – from creating a document to adding a legally valid signature – including archiving in a single system.

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3. Paper and digital documents in one system: automated inbox management
The volume of your incoming mail, generally in paper or digital format, is constantly increasing. This is where systematic digitization can help. Automation of incoming mail management across all channels forwards the incoming documents directly to the responsible employees in digital format. Digital mail can be accessed from any location without switching between media or resorting to paper documents. It is both future-proof and resource-saving!

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4. Improve communication and HR processes with the employee app
Create real added value for your employees, improve internal communication and optimize your HR processes using the employee app. The employee app can be used to give your team access to relevant information, documents and intelligent HR self-service functions. For example, employees can automatically initiate requests for vacations or sick leave. 

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Daniel Oswald, Project Manager at Stadler Rail AG

What is not standard is made standard


The edoc range includes a wide range of standard solutions. For any other workflow, we will develop a suitable customized solution based on edoc automate. 

Solutions as unique as our customers: edoc automate

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